Design Philosophy

Our Lighting Design Philosophy

While architecture creates spaces, it is only with light and shadow that they are revealed. Understanding an architect’s or owner’s vision for the space is integral to good lighting design. A sunbeam streaming through a clerestory window or the illumination of a vertical slot—each creates a distinct effect and must complement the design intent. Although there are many solutions to solve a lighting need, the best solution is one that integrates with the architecture; complements the intent of the space; inspires one to look farther, deeper or higher; and/or elicits that ooh-ahh of a great effect.


We don’t try to compete with Mother Nature. We believe that what she gives us during the day should be harnessed for use in both interior and exterior spaces. Night is different, and spaces should feel distinct from day. Rather than attempting to copy a daytime effect for nighttime use, we favor using the individual strengths of daylight and electric light to their best advantage.

Sustainable Lighting Design

We strive to create lighting systems that use electric energy responsibly as well as coordinate with daylight availability. Our lighting designs take into consideration the optimization of daylight, energy reduction, efficient lighting controls and light pollution reduction. We will work with your team to understand sustainability goals and collaborate on energy responsible solutions. We are familiar with the LEED certification process, federal energy tax credit programs, and local energy rebate opportunities.

Client-Centered Approach

Great ideas without proper execution are just ideas. We not only deliver unique ideas; we make them a reality. We dedicate ourselves to our clients’ satisfaction and we’ll be there when issues arise (they usually do). Whether that requires working on-site alongside contractors to resolve an installation conflict; coordinating with vendors to resolve a manufacturing issue; or making a last minute visit to aim fixtures and set controls the night before the big opening—we’ll be there.

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